Creating this film, we’ve established our own community. 78 artists collaborated in parallel across 17 different countries. Today working remotely is a hot-topic. In January of 2018, we started working remotely on Metro6 through the Artella platform. The platform connected us with artists across the globe to come together and create this film that rivals the quality of a film from a big studio, but without utilizing a standard “mainstream” look.

Production Countries

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Saudi Arabia

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Sri Lanka




South Korea


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Artella is an animation collaboration platform that enables you to have your own virtual studio; pipeline, storage, talent and cloud rendering all in one place. For the scale of Metro6 we would not have been able to complete the film without Artella. 49 of our 78 person team of collaborators were from Artella, and 95% of all of our animation happened on the Artella platform. In the 2 years we were on Artella 2/3 of the work was completed.

Hectic Digital

Hectic Digital is a boutique Animation and Vfx studio based in San Francisco, California that was co-founded by director Geoff Hecht in 2011. Hectic Digital, was sold to InVision Communications on July 19th, of 2018. Hectic Digital has 500 rendering cores on-site. The majority of the digital modeling assets as well as all of the rendering for Metro6 was completed at Hectic Digital.

InVision Communications

InVision Communications is a full-service engagement solutions agency that moves people to action through integrated experiential, design, digital and communications campaigns anchored in strategy, creativity and technology. InVision was founded in 1991.

Full Credits

Directed by: Geoff Hecht


Story by: Geoff Hecht, Natasha Cánepa, Mahmoud Zaini

Storyboarding/ Previz: Mahmoud Zaini, Victoria Lijaya, Natasha Cánepa, Kaho Kubo, Brian Bicknell, Morning Wu, Valerie Kolomiets, Geoff Hecht


Editorial: Pre Future Films | Ian Montgomery

Sound Design & Mix: Phoenix Sound Design | Mark Escott


Original Music by: Alain Emile

Additional Music: Wilfred Symphony Orchestra - Delbies - Waltz (From Coppelia)


Producers: Valerie Kolomiets, Geoff Hecht

Co-Producers: Jumanah Shaheen, Claudia Castaneda


Lighting / Look Direction: Geoff Hecht

Paint Overs: Natasha Cánepa, Yejin Kim


Consultants: Clayton Douglas, Benjamin Kluewer, Bobby Beck


Modeling / Layout: Geoff Hecht, Sam Hedberg, Omar Naranjo, Aaron Valderrama, Valerie Kolomiets, Christin Scarborough

Rigging: Benjamin Kluewer, Jason Baskin


Lead Animators: Victoria Lijaya, Walla Morris, Emerson EAGP, Ganesh Gurung, Francesca Guzzetta, Michael Grassi, Shane Owen.

Animators: Jimmy Mole, Paul Barcos, Eduardo Muñoz, Adrian Vidal, Neil Clark, George Betancourt, Amine Sebiane, Eric Digilov, Jose Molina, Channy Imada, Cory Walker, Holiday Liu, PJ Wang, Thomas de Maleingreau, Abdul Fahim, Mario Martin, Guillem Ruiz, Thalita Cecilier, Ethan Verkler, Manuel Salmeron, Marieta Garrett, Roberto Gallego, Sergio Fernandez

Additional Animation: Paulo Man, Sofia Hernandez, Josh Costa, Natalia Dushkova, Andy Davis, Jonamar Palejo, Salman Hashmi, Kimber Suzuki, Grace Noh, Tyler Clapp, Anuj Shakya, Jonathan Marshall, Isuru Madushan, Jose Alegria, Eugene Ooi, Jose Solis, Romana Grünfelder, Stanley Huang, Martin Schusterman, Alejandro Girona, Megan Adams


Special Thanks: Stephen Maloney, Larry Chandler, Armando Vilchis, Mario Grilli, Pablo Grache, Omar Mugeem, Robert Lariz, Matt Estes, Michelle Bartosiewicz, Joanna Lariz, Ailene Azzam, Betsy Russell, Gretchen Hecht, Kimberly Hecht


Voice Over Artists: Kelly Redanz, Michael Pettiford, Sam Hedberg, Geoff Hecht

Digital Supporting Actor: Gimli_the_havanese