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"My favorite animation of the year"
– Judie Young | Director of award winning film Taiwanese Cha Cha Cha

"Geoff Hecht’s “Metro6” is a delight from start to finish. The beautiful hand-drawn animation style feels warmly familiar while being absolutely unique. As the protagonist, Zak, is taken on a journey from isolation to love, so too is the viewer—one cannot help but melt at the cast of rag-tag characters and the spontaneous, surreal adventure they take together. This short is gorgeously executed while delivering an optimistic message without ever feeling didactic. Bravo to Hecht and his team, their joy in creating this artwork is palpable!"
– Han Sales | Director of Artistic Collaborations, Meow Wolf

"I loved how this movie illustrated the way that community affects our lives.

Zak was having a rough day and the people around him, total strangers, colored his life with support...packaged in a variety of forms that came unexpectedly and just when he needed them." 
– Kathryn McGinnis Class | Attendee of San Jose International Film Festival

"Metro6 is unreal! Masterpiece!
– Alexa Momtz | Attendee of ANIMAZE - Montreal International Animation Film Festival